Depression and suicide have long been sad realities for too many people in the United States. The reason Lift for Life (L4L) was created is to combat the precipitous rate at which this is rising, especially among our veterans and youth. Through the implementation of our advanced strength training and physique transformation programs, we seek to help members of the armed forces who have placed themselves in harm’s way in defense of our country.

“At Lift for Life, our passion is providing support for veterans and youth in need of the mental and physical health benefits that come from improved fitness.”

Zack Barnard, Lift for Life Director


Our vision for the Lift for Life program is to instill the passion and commitment we have for lifting into our participants. While some of us might not be able to relate to those fighting PTSD, there have been times when training and body building was what got us up in the morning and gave us purpose. We think everyone needs this, knowing a challenge awaits us, as this is what motivates us and gets us excited. Even after decades of training, we still have goals and go into the gym week after week chasing them. Lift for Life gives us an opportunity to give others that same drive and anticipation.



One of the most popular strength sports in the United States, Power Lifting provides a singular focus. Squatting, dead lifting and the bench press are the foundation of physical strength. If reaching personal records or competing interests you, inquire about power lifting.


Our body building program is designed to reshape and build your body to the classic standard of physical aesthetics. If you’ve ever aspired to having a superhero’s physique, this program is for you.


Grow your practical strength and put it to the test, either in competitions or in every day life. Strong man training requires versatility, and utilizes core and connective muscle groups in unique and challenging ways. If real world strength is your goal, this is your program.


Boot camp is the first of many challenges a new recruit must face. Our Future Soldiers program incorporates a combination aerobic exercise and strength training to give new recruits an advantage as they begin their military training.


The Work of Lift for Life is Made Possible With Generous Support From The: