About Lift for Life

Lift for Life was created to provide a positive outlet for veterans battling depression, PTSD or facing other challenging life situations through strength and fitness programs. Our participants are provided with like-minded community and support in a safe, friendly environment.

Our Motivation

Appreciation of our military servicemen and women is what drives us, and providing veterans with a passion for strength and fitness is our purpose.

We have the tools to make a real difference in the lives of veterans, and with the help of private donors like you, we’re able to make that difference a reality.

Helping Veterans

Military Veterans can face a variety of challenging circumstances including addiction, depression and overall lack of motivation. Veteran’s currently face a staggering suicide epidemic that takes the lives of 17 veterans per day.

Our common goal is to reach out to Veterans who may be struggling and offer them an opportunity to focus on personal growth and goal achievement.


How We’re Different

Finding the aspect of fitness that can motivate an individual for life is critical to success. No other veteran’s charity provides the variety of strength and fitness programs we make available.

Additionally, our mix of programs for Veterans and New Recruits makes the Lift for Life gym uniquely supportive
to program participants.

Why it Works

Multiple studies have shown that an active fitness lifestyle boosts an individual’s mood and sense of well

Our instructors provide a prescribed routine, measurable milestones, and positive feedback in a multi-generational group of people who recognize their worth.


Our Philosophy

Our vision for the Lift for Life program is to instill the passion and commitment we have for lifting into our participants. Even after decades of training, we still have goals and are motivated week after week to achieve them.

Lift for Life gives us an opportunity to share with those who would benefit most from that same drive, passion and commitment.

Your help is Needed too.

Lift for Life’s programs for Veterans and New Recruits are funded entirely by private contributions. Our work is made possible through the generosity of people who share our passion for past and future military personnel.

If you are able, please lend your support. We can’t do it without you.