Our vision for the Lift for Life program is to instill the passion and commitment we have for lifting into our participants. 


Through the programs we offer at Lift for Life, Veterans, youth, and Future Soldiers are committing to more than just a fitness or weight loss program. While being healthy and fit are clearly incorporated into what we do, this is not for the timid or weak. To truly make a change and see real results, you need to train like an athlete. Not only do you need to work hard in the gym, but the decisions you make the other 23 hours of the day need to reflect your goals as well.  You need to be “all in”.  It’s one thing to have a broad goal to get in shape, but having tangible, specific goals centered around breaking personal records on a lift, or transforming the body you see in the mirror, makes a much bigger and lasting impact. 

Unfortunately, L4L may not be for everyone. While there are no prerequisites in a lifting background, a dedicated personality is a must. we are seeking candidates that want to embrace a fitness lifestyle and use it as a positive way to channel stress, depression, or frustrations they have in life. While our goal is to help as many people as we can, we can only do this for those who embrace the concepts our qualified instructors will teach. 


Members will be taught everything from proper setup, programming, tips and tricks, and mental preparedness in the art of powerlifting. To master the Big 3 lifts is much more complex then it appears. Participants will see their lifts increase and take pride in getting stronger week by week. 


L4L is the perfect facility to train at for physique transformation. Participants will be coached using advanced training methods, proper diet principles, and how to develop the necessary mindset to live the bodybuilding lifestyle. Coached by long time competitor and qualified natural Pro Zack Barnard.


Everyone’s seen the World’s strongest man on TV. Although most will never reach the levels of strength these athletes possess, there’s no reason anyone can’t better themselves and push their limits. Today there are all levels of competition and anyone can compete against themselves and acquire the knowledge to perform these feats of strength!


At LFL we want to play a role in those whose military journey is just beginning. That’s why we offer a training program to better prepare our future soldiers, police officers and even firemen. L4L works together with local recruiting offices for these branches to better customize the training according to their requirements.