Who We Serve


Sometimes, with both at-risk youth and veterans, addiction may be looming as a complicating factor.

Lift4Life’s view is that the endorphins that come from exercise are a much better thing to be addicted to, and can transform a positive “addiction” into a healthy lifestyle.

Recent Harvard Medical studies have proven that pumping iron boosts an individual’s mood as well as the body’s strength and appearance. Other studies show measurable improvements in circulatory and respiratory health, leading to greater oxygen exchange and increased sense of well-being.

Our team of instructors provides measurable milestones to trainees by providing them a prescribed routine, positive feedback on weight training progress, and a multi-generational group of people who recognizes their worth. Our founders have seen firsthand how this kind of striving and physical transformation increases self-esteem and emotional resilience and want to continue to touch the lives of as many people as possible.

We seek others who will join with us as we build this organization; as participants, as contributors, and as fellow human beings.



Lift for Life is in the process of connecting with the local school boards to facilitate the youth program.  Connecting with local Middle School and High School coaches and athletic departments to identify possible candidates will be key in the development of this program.   Local youth programs may also refer potential youth.  All referrals will need to fill out the online application.


Our Future Soldiers Program will generally be filled through the local armed forces recruiting offices.  This program will also offer admittance for future fire and police cadets as long as they have a sponsor or funds to complete the 6-week course.  Potential members may also fill out an online application to be considered.


Lift For Life will be relying heavily on our partnerships to help the Veterans who need it the most.  L4L is and will continue to build relationships with resources such as the Veteran’s Resource Center, VABA, The Boot Program, Kill 22, and more.    Veterans who directly contact L4L or are referred by a friend or family member will first need to fill out the online application and questionnaire.