Future Soldiers Program


While our main goal at L4L is to help Vets in need, we also want to support our future military servicemen who have chosen to enlist.

While some are more prepared than others due to their physical fitness backgrounds, potential recruits may need assistance to complete the rigors of Boot Camp. In response to this need, we have developed the Future Soldier Program (FSP).


This 6-week course is designed to help future soldiers achieve a level of physical fitness required by the armed forces.  Realizing that bodybuilding and powerlifting do not represent enlistment fitness criteria, we have consulted with military service personnel, along with coaches from many disciplines to provide new recruits training that will give them a head start on their military career.  Potential candidates may be referred by their local recruiting post or approach L4L independently.

L4L is open to receive donations for this program on a candidate’s behalf through our website, or the recruit may take it upon themselves to find a sponsor (or sponsors) to fund them for the 6 weeks of training.  This program will meet for one hour 3 times per week and give each participant a personal consultation on their nutrition and other lifestyle changes they can make to optimize their results.


Our Future Soldiers Program will generally be filled through the local armed forces recruiting offices. This program will also offer admittance for future fire and police cadets as long as they have a sponsor or funds to complete the 6- week course. Potential members may also fill out an online application to be considered.


If you are a young adult who needs to improve their physical health, including weight loss, to be eligible for the armed forces, or who wants to excel in the boot camp experience, please fill out our online application.