L4L encourages Veteran Support Groups, friends and family of veterans, as well as veterans themselves, who feel they would benefit from our programs to contact us.


For Veterans, much media attention and information has been distributed to make citizens aware of the suicide epidemic, but despite increased awareness and discussion of the problem, the rate stands relatively unchanged at an average of 17 veterans per day; which is nearly double that of the general population. A recent federal investigation also found that the money and effort expended by the Veterans Administration on suicide prevention outreach dropped significantly in 2017 and 2018, despite it being touted by the past two VA secretaries as their top clinical priority. If L4L reduces that grim statistic by even one veteran, our efforts are worth it, but we know can do so much more than that…


Lift For Life will be relying heavily on our partnerships to help the Veterans who need it the most. L4L is building upon its relationships with resources such as the Veteran’s Resource Center, VABA, The Boot Program, Kill 22, and more. It is from these organizations that most of our referred members come. Veterans who directly contact L4L, or are referred by a friend or family member, will first need to fill out the online application and questionnaire. L4L reviews these applications to determine if the program will benefit the applicant and schedule followup interviews.


If you are a military veteran who wants to improve your physical health, or if you know a veteran who would benefit from Lift for Life’s services, we’re ready to help. Please fill out our online application