New Recruits

Surviving boot camp is tough, especially for young men and women who aren’t used to intense physical activity.

Through participation in our 3 to 6 week boot camp program, Lift for Life helps future soldiers get into fighting shape before they ship out.

What we provide to New Recruits

Group Classes

Our New Recruits participate in group classes to improve health and fitness.

Nutrition Plan

We provide easy to follow health and fitness nutrition guidelines.


Expert coaches supervise the new recruits to motivate and keep them on track.

Gym Access

New Recruits have gym access outside of class so they can put in additional work.

Progress Checks

We’ll track your progress and make sure you’re improving your boot camp basics.


Coaches, veterans and fellow new recruits support and inspire each other.


About the Program

Our Future Soldier 3 to 6 Week Boot Camp program consists of 1-hour group classes, 3-times per week.

These classes cover military staples including pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and intense cardio training, as well as advanced core development techniques utilized by professional athletes.


Who is Eligible?

Any new recruit who has signed a commitment to join the military and wants to get a rolling start on their fitness before boot camp is eligible for the program. However, space is limited. Complete a Lift for Life inquiry form to request enrollment.

How to Enroll

If you are a military recruit who wants to maximize your boot camp performance, Lift for Life is ready to help. Please fill out our online application. We’re eager to learn more about you.