Available Programs for Veterans

Our goal is to ignite a passion for strength and fitness that will keep veterans motivated well beyond a 90-day program. To facilitate this, we offer a wide variety of options, allowing participants to explore and find the unique aspects of fitness that will inspire them now, and long into the future.

General Fitness

Enjoy the numerous health benefits that come from improved fitness, such as reduced stress and improved well-being. Lift for Life’s General Fitness program supports overall physical health by combining a regular workout regimen with a healthy diet.

Weight Loss

Veterans struggling to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is all too common. Lift for Life’s weight loss program is designed to jump start weight loss, and embrace the ongoing changes needed to maintain a healthy weight for life.


Body Building

L4L is the perfect facility to train at for physique transformation. Participants will be coached using advanced training methods, proper diet principles, and how to develop the necessary mindset to live the bodybuilding lifestyle. Coached by active NPC competitors and experienced personal trainers.

Power Lifting

Members will be taught everything from proper setup, programming tips, and mental preparedness in the art of power lifting. To master the Big 3 lifts is much more complex than it appears. Participants will see their lifts increase and take pride in getting stronger week by week.


Strong Man

Everyone’s seen the World’s strongest man on TV. Although most will never reach the levels of strength these athletes possess, people can still better themselves and push their limits. Today there are all levels of competition, and anyone can compete against themselves and acquire the knowledge to perform these feats of strength!

How to Enroll

If you are a military veteran who wants to improve your physical health, or if you know a veteran who would benefit from Lift for Life’s services, Lift for Life is ready to help. Please fill out our online application. We’re eager to learn more about you.